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Nielsen Citrus Product bottles and packages citrus juices, concentrates, and purees. A family owned and run business since 1953, Nielsen's products serve the retail, food manufacturing, and food service industries. 


The California Wedge is a fresh new take on our classic product. This produce item has been in the marketplace since the 1950’s. SunTree is one of most recognizable brands of shelf stable lemon and lime. It’s available year-round with our always consistent and competitive pricing.  Our reconstituted lemon and lime juices are produced in a 4 and 7 ounce plastic squeeze bottles with tamper-proof and sealed caps. We do not add any citric acid to any or our products. We produce 100% lemon and lime juice. 

Product UPC Pack/Size
4 oz. California Wedge Lemon 75324-00011 24/4 fl. oz.
4 oz. California Wedge Lime 75324-00014 24/4 fl. oz.
7 oz. California Wedge Lemon 75324-00547 24/7 fl. oz.
7 oz. California Wedge Lime 75324-00543 24/7 fl. oz.

32 oz PET.jpg

SunTree Lemon & SunTree Lime Juice (RTU) is a reconstituted juice that is an excellent product for restaurants, bars and food processors. It comes packaged in 32 ounce PET bottles for retail use. The composition of the plastic bottles reduces shipping weight and there is no breakage. 

Ideal for lemonade, marinades, baked goods, salad dressings, sauces, canning and preserving.

Product UPC Pack/Size
SunTree Lemon Juice 75324-00521 12/32 fl. oz.
SunTree Lime Juice 75324-00035 12/32 fl. oz.