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Nielsen Citrus Product bottles and packages citrus juices, concentrates, and purees. A family owned and run business since 1953, Nielsen's products serve the retail, food manufacturing, and food service industries. 

Food Service

Nielsen’s Froz’n Lemon & Nielsen's Froz'n Lime 5 oz has been produced since 1953. The fresh flavor and aroma is ideal for your favorite recipes requiring fresh squeezed juice.

  • Costs less than fresh lemons or limes, fresh juice or bottled juices

  • Contains juice cells and pulp that give that extra fresh flavor

  • Will stay as fresh as fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice

  • Packaged in polyethylene containers to preserve natural flavors

  • No preservatives, sulfites, or chemicals that alter natural flavors

  • Easy to freeze, thaw, and use

  • Fresh flavors lasts more than a year when frozen at 0° F

  • Mix one pouch with water to make one quart of juice

  • All natural and kosher certified by the Rabbinical Council of California

  • Ideal for lemon meringue pies, key lime pies, lemonade, cocktails, sauces, pastries, sweet-sour bar mix, sorbets, and marinades

Product Product # Pack/Size
Nielsen's Froz'n Lemon 401 12/5 fl. oz.
Nielsen's Froz'n Lime 431 12/5 fl. oz.

Nielsen's Froz'n California Style Lime & Mexican Style Lime is a frozen cloud stable and preserved with 0.1% sodium benzoate (not a sulfite). It is ready to use as an ingredient for numerous applications where lime juice is used. One tub is equivalent to a #10 can RTU lime juice. 

Excellent for:

  • Sweet-sour bar mixes

  • Margarita cocktails

  • Salad dressings

  • Marinades

  • Bakery items

Product Product # Pack/Size
Nielsen's California Style Lime Juice 433 6/96 fl. oz.
Nielsen's Mexican Style Lime Juice 435 6/96 fl. oz.

Nielsen's Froz'n Sweet-Sour is a frozen product and has an extremely fresh natural flavor. It is a blend of frozen lemon juice concentrate, pure cane sugar and fresh lemon essence from fruit’s peel. The fresh flavor is especially apparent when compared with any other sweet-sour bar mix, concentrate, or powder, and we encourage taste comparison tests.

It is easy to use, soft, and can be used within minutes out of the freezer. Great for blended cocktails or in frozen cocktail machines. 

Product Product # Pack/Size
Nielsen's Froz'n Sweet-Sour 471 6/32 oz. case

SunTree Lemon & SunTree Lime Juice (RTU) is a reconstituted juice that is an excellent product for restaurants, bars and food processors. It comes packaged in 32 ounce PET bottles and one gallon plastic jugs. The composition of the plastic bottles reduces shipping weight and there is no breakage. 

Ideal for lemonade, marinades, baked goods, salad dressings, sauces, canning and preserving.

Product UPC Pack/Size
SunTree Lemon Juice 75324-00521 12/32 fl. oz.
SunTree Lime Juice 75324-00035 12/32 fl. oz.
SunTree Lemon Juice 75324-00528 4/1 gallon
SunTree Lime Juice 75324-00127 4/1 gallon